Together we write success stories.

Together, we are writing success stories - about how AI is revolutionizing the hotel industry. Our customers will show you how.

What our customers say

Our guests love it!

Our guests love the ability to communicate with us quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the chatbot, potential guests receive an answer on the website without delay - around the clock and in more than 100 languages. This relieves our employees and pleases our potential guests, who can start a booking directly in the chat. As we generate additional bookings through the chatbot, the investment pays off for us.

Bettina Pereira
Head of Sales & Marketing welcome hotels Schweiz
A benefit for guests and employees

For our 150 hotels in Europe, DialogShift helps us to answer guest inquiries based on AI - easily online, at any time and in various languages. As an additional component in our digital guest journey, DialogShift's chatbot makes our employees' day-to-day work easier and creates more time for individual guest communication.

David Etmenan
Chief Executive Officer & Owner NOVUM Hospitality
More time for guest service

Especially in the upscale hotel industry, the goal should be to achieve more time for guest service. Due to the many recurring questions that exist in our industry, the chatbot is a really helpful support.

Tobias Berghäuser
Managing Director
KPM Hotel & Residences Berlin
Shortening communication processes

We use DialogShift to automate the process of responding to guest inquiries. DialogShift's AI-based chatbot has shortened our communication processes and helped us reduce the time we spend interacting with each guest.

Stefan Mertens
Director E-Commerce
Event Hotels
The phone no longer rings

After the first few weeks with the new chatbot, we initially thought our telephone system was broken. Then it turned out: we simply received far fewer calls because of our chatbot, which took a lot of pressure off our front office

Dr. Verena Jaeschke
Managing Director
Hotel Oderberger
Simply hardworking!

Bot Sepp answers an average of around 4000 inquiries every month. The chatbot is not only incredibly popular with our guests. We also use it with our employees. You might think it doesn't fit in with such a traditional hotel - but quite the opposite!

Alfons Weiß

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