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Chatbot AI

Relieve your team of repetitive requests with a hotel-specific AI chatbot based on the latest GPT technology.

150 €

/net per month

+ 1 € per room / month (max. 350 €)*

+ 600 € one time Setup

50 €

/net per month: WhatsApp

* Prices in other currencies may vary.

AI chatbot based on GPT technology from OpenAI

Automatic bookings

Multi-channel: Website, Guest App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

Transfer to the live chat (optional)

Independent expansion of the chatbot with new questions

Intelligent message routing to special inboxes

Full-service setup with review and quality check (up to 200 responses)

Statistics dashboard & automatic reports

Solutions for chains and groups

Multi-property functionalities, skill-based message routing, simplified onboarding, centralized responses and configuration. Price on request.

Email AI

Our Email AI writes replies to guest emails. It has hotel-specific information and writes the replies in the tone of your hotel itself.

for existing customers:

100 €

/net per month

+ 200 € one time Setup

for new customers

150 €

/net per month

+ 600 € one time Setup

E-mail response twice as fast

AI writes in your Tone of Voice

No setup required for existing customers, the AI already knows your hotel-specific information

Processing of individual instructions with text or speech

Booking links can be customized by employees

Your guest can jump from the e-mail to the booking system and complete the booking independently

Email AI in the DialogShift app

Connection to the booking system

Full service setup + statistics dashboard & automatic reports

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Your hotel AI works best in a bundle. Combine our products in the way that suits your hotel best.

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