One AI for all guest communication

Discover our products that make your guest communication easier with the latest AI Technology.

Chatbot AI

Relieve your team of recurring queries with a hotel-specific AI chatbot based on generative AI. The bot answers almost all questions in various chat channels automatically, writes the answers itself and speaks over 100 languages.

Email AI

Based on the latest AI technology, our Email AI helps you answer emails. The AI knows your hotel inside out and formulates the answers in the tone of voice of your hotel itself. This makes your valuable team twice as fast at replying to guest emails. Our email plugin even sends booking links fully automatically so that your guests can book directly themselves.

Review AI

Our Review AI helps you answer guest reviews. Individual formulations in the tone of voice of your hotel - all controlled by the same AI that operates the chat, answers emails and takes calls. And best of all: the AI knows your hotel just as well as you do.

Phone AI

The phone at reception rings non-stop? We got you! At the end of 2024, DialogShift will release a Phone AI based on Generative AI that will let your reception desk breathe a sigh of relief.

Use AI to free up hands and minds in the hotel.

Use the latest AI technology to increase efficiency in your hotel. So that there is more time for what matters most in the hotel industry: good service.

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