Email AI

Based on the latest AI technology, our Email AI formulates responses to guest emails. It has hotel-specific information and writes the replies in the tone of voice of your hotel itself. This makes your valuable team twice as fast at replying to emails.

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E-mail response now twice as fast

AI can finally write emails too. 📩

  • Your AI is specially designed to respond effectively to recurring questions and topics, which significantly simplifies and speeds up communication

  • AI has specific knowledge about your hotel

  • You can give individual instructions as text or by voice

Booking in just a few clicks

Your Email AI automatically inserts personalized booking links into the email draft. 📮

  • Your guest can jump from the e-mail to the booking system and complete the booking independently

  • Booking links can be customized by employees

  • Simplify the request and booking process

This is how it works

Your AI writes emails for you.

  • Copy the email and give your AI specific instructions in text or voice

  • Your hotel AI writes a draft that you can edit as you wish

  • Are you satisfied? Copy the draft, send it and you're done


Latest AI

We work with Generative AI. Up to five large language models are at work, models ranging from OpenAI to Mistral AI. This AI accesses hotel-specific knowledge. We use a special technology that is particularly reliable at reading documents and websites and extracting information from them.

Giving instructions by text or voice

One of the coolest features ever! You can give the Email AI (by text or voice!) very individual instructions. For example: Write that we have reserved the massage on the desired date. So your Email AI is a real assistant!

Over 100 languages

Our AI system speaks over 100 languages! Writing an e-mail reply in Japanese? No problem.

Noticeable increase in productivity

Reduce the processing time of an e-mail dialog from 8 to 3 minutes and become twice as fast in e-mail processing: reply faster and send twice as many e-mails in the same time!

One AI for all your guest communication

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