Chatbot AI

Relieve your team of repetitive requests with a hotel-specific AI chatbot based on the latest GPT technology. The bot answers almost all questions in various chat channels automatically, writes the answers itself and speaks over 100 languages.

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Your digital team member

  • Be available 24/7 for your guests

  • Drastically reduce your response time - 97% shorter waiting times for your guests

  • Your AI answers 95% of guest inquiries independently and fully automatically

  • 25% of your guests are redirected to your booking system to check availability or book a stay

  • The design and tone of your chatbot corresponds to your brand, your wording and is geared towards your target audience

Better conversions, more direct bookings

Booking-related questions are answered immediately, around the clock and in over 100 languages. 🌎

  • Let your chatbot generate leads on your website around the clock, reduce the bounce rate and increase the time spent on the website

  • Optimized for engagement and conversion

  • Intelligent dialog guidance and 5x higher engagement through quick reply buttons

  • Average conversion of 25% from chat interaction to the booking system

Be where your guests are

Simple and efficient guest communication from social media to the website and check-out. 📲

  • Benefit from the integrations in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

  • Complete your guest journey and integrate the chatbot into your digital guest folders or guest app

  • Be available for your guests throughout the entire guest journey - even on site at the hotel


Generative AI

As a tech pioneer, we work with the latest LLMs from Open AI to Mistral AI. Our award-winning technology is based on 5 years of AI experience. This enables us to achieve automation rates (up to 98%) far above the industry average.

Optimized for engagement & conversion

What sets us apart from other providers is our focus on dialog marketing and conversion. We translate our experience from millions of conversations into intelligent dialog management.

Over 100 languages

Your guest can interact with the chatbot in over 100 languages. Auto-translation of live chats guarantees that employees can also respond to guests in 109 languages.

Multi-property capabilities for hotel chains

Centralized onboarding for chains. We support workflows from the call center sector: skill-based message routing, freely definable message queues and central team collaboration.

The most important channels for hotels

Chat on your Website

Chatbots help to sustainably increase the proportion of direct bookings via the hotel website by ensuring availability for booking inquiries or booking-related questions around the clock. But also by communicating the unique selling points, special features and personality of the hotel in dialog and making people want to stay at your hotel. 🛎️

Chatbot in social media

Use our AI to automate your social media requests. In addition to WhatsApp, your chatbot also works on Facebook and Instagram. This means your hotel is available to your prospective customers around the clock on various platforms. 📲

WhatsApp for Hotels

DialogShift integrates WhatsApp Messenger into guest communication via the WhatsApp Business platform. This makes it easy for guests to contact the hotel on WhatsApp, while the AI chatbot takes over the initial contact and relieves the team. Live chats are answered centrally in the DialogShift app. 📱

Chatbot in the guest app & booking system

Whether straiv by Code2Order, Guestfriend, Suitepad, Betterspace, Guestnet or your own guest app. We have integrations for almost every purpose. The chatbot is connected to any booking system for bookings. 💻

More chat channels

Social Media

DialogShift also integrates your AI chatbot into Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Live chats are forwarded to the DialogShift app.

Guest Journey E-Mailing

Include a link to the chatbot in your journey mailing so that guests can direct their queries to you in the chat.


Guests can open the chat via a QR code. Whether in the room or by the pool - you can always be available for the guest and have recurring questions answered automatically by the chatbot.

The free professional guide for your AI chatbot project!

How do you set up a chatbot? How do you maintain it? How do you integrate it into the team? 10 experts from the hotel industry reveal how they turned their digital helper into a much-loved employee. 💡

Use AI to free up hands and minds in the hotel.

Use the latest AI technology to increase efficiency in your hotel. So that there is more time for what matters most in the hotel industry: good service.

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