Case Study Tourismusexperten x DialogShift

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Antonia Quell
August 1, 2023

Let the experts handle it.

Digitalization, automation, and particularly artificial intelligence are uncharted territories for many. Surrounded by operational business, overwhelmed with tasks, and short on time, the project of implementing a hotel chatbot can seem overwhelming. But what if there was someone who could take this workload off your hands?

Introducing the TOURISMUSEXPERTEN, who have been working with DialogShift since February 2021. They are not only experts in consulting, marketing, sales, and digitalization but also in implementing chatbots. "We try to streamline and optimize processes as much as possible. Through research and analysis on how to best approach this with individual clients, we came across DialogShift," recalls Cathrin Diekmann, Project Manager and Operational Director at TOURISMUSEXPERTEN.

This marketing, sales, and communications agency works with hotels and other facilities that welcome guests. The eleven-member team is comprised of experts who have various experiences in the tourism industry. "Our credo is holistic work. For this, we have developed the DNAmik principle—a mixed calculation of various economic factors. Based on this, we can suggest a weekly time budget to the client, within which we then work maximally efficiently and purposefully," explains Cathrin. Holistic isn’t just a buzzword for TOURISMUSEXPERTEN. From Google Ads to car decals to complete spa concepts—the daily tasks of this Munich-based agency are as varied as they are. Cathrin laughs happily during this list, "We’ve even decided on tile colors."

All employees are actively involved in each project. The TOURISMUSEXPERTEN have been servicing their longest-standing client for six and a half years. They consider implementing a hotel chatbot when a hotel, for example, receives many phone or email inquiries, despite being well-positioned online. "Of course, we aim to generate guests. All our actions, whether a newsletter, a press release, or Google Ads, are measured by whether at the end of the day the house is full. And the chatbot helps us with this. It supports bookings, it converts, it saves time in guest care. That means it not only helps the hotel but also helps us achieve our goals," adds the project manager.

A particularly successful example of collaboration with TOURISMUSEXPERTEN is the Klosterhotel Ettal. This four-star establishment in Bavaria has been supported by our digital assistant in guest communication for a month. Cathrin Diekmann reflects, "The Klosterhotel has been our client since December 2020. We worked on resegmenting, with the aim of attracting a new guest segment. Guests of the Klosterhotel predominantly came from America, China, and everywhere. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the target group changed. Now, the Klosterhotel specializes in individual tourism, targeting younger people, couples, mostly for short stays. There are many great offers that should be communicated outwardly."

The world-famous Ettal Monastery

A chatbot is a great way to guide guests into the IBE (Internet Booking Engine). Many are already accustomed to chat communication—traditional communication channels like email or telephone are increasingly being replaced by chat. Jens Riedel, Operations Manager at the Klosterhotel, sounds satisfied so far. "The onboarding went very smoothly, just as we wanted. The TOURISMUSEXPERTEN played an important and relieving role, for which we are very grateful!" He hopes the new chatbot will allow his colleagues to be less tied to the phone and have more time for guests. Guests should still receive the information they need. "Since our house, with its hotel, holiday apartments, a large conference area, and a restaurant, is very complex, precise answers are very important," emphasizes the Operations Manager.

"It's noticeable that the Klosterhotel is currently generating numerous bookings, the volume of bookings has increased through the bot. Bookings are currently coming in equally via the chatbot, as well as email and phone. However, it's still a bit early to make a comprehensive judgment. The conversion is really very high—whether the phone will be obsolete in a few months remains to be seen," says Cathrin Diekmann with a grin.

Chatbot Ludwig has already provided over 1000 automatic responses within a month. These are questions that would otherwise have ended up at the reception. During this short time, there were 81 redirects to the IBE. "The bot leads to a much faster and simplified booking decision. Where people hesitate and might compare again, the chatbot can easily and quickly convert," explains Cathrin.

"The bot leads to a much faster and simplified booking decision. In places where people hesitate and perhaps compare again, the chatbot can convert easily and quickly."

Especially noticeable about Ludwig is the hotel's tone of voice. It is advantageous for the chatbot to adapt as well as possible to the rest of the hotel's communication. For this purpose, the TOURISMUSEXPERTEN design a wording concept for the hotels they serve. "The wording concept of the Klosterhotel is really very authentic. It emerged from a large strategy meeting with staff and management. The Klosterhotel is simply a heavenly place," Cathrin elaborates.

And this is clearly evident when you chat with Ludwig.

How close the agency is to its clients becomes quickly apparent when Cathrin Diekmann talks about her work with the chatbot. "We will continue to grow with this chatbot, bringing it to life. We will continuously update the questions and answers, and we conduct monthly reporting with clients, sometimes even weekly. It's a project that grows, scales, and can always be improved." Successes are celebrated together with the clients.

We are excited to see where the journey of TOURISMUSEXPERTEN and Klosterhotel will lead—DialogShift will definitely stay tuned!

Thank you, dear Cathrin, for the inspiring conversation. 💙

About Klosterhotel Ettal:

Nestled in the Ammergau Alps of Bavaria, guests of Klosterhotel can enjoy nature, tranquility, and views. Established in 1619 as a monastery tavern, the four-star hotel is now known beyond its borders for its unique location, family hospitality, and Bavarian cuisine. The historic hotel unites locals and people from all over the world under one roof—in the spiritual atmosphere of the world-famous monastery.


TOURISMUSEXPERTEN is a marketing, sales, and communications agency from Munich, specializing in comprehensive concepts for the tourism industry. The eleven-member team brings together various professional hospitality experiences, which clients from German-speaking countries can rely on.