Contactless service in the hotel: With our integration partner Code2Order, we enable our customers to provide holistic intelligent digital guest service

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September 9, 2020
Dialogshift and Code2Order

Contactless service in the hotel: With our integration partner Code2Order, we enable our customers to provide holistic intelligent digital guest service

Together with CODE2ORDER, we bundle our offering and facilitate contactless service in hotels. The combination of CODE2ORDER's digital guest service solutions with our intelligent chatbot allows hotels to respond immediately to guest needs.

For hotel guests, a digital and contactless self-service is created along the entire guest journey with a real-time flow of information.

Using the CODE2ORDER digital travel companion, guests can not only check in and check out contactlessly, they also always have access to the chat with their smartphone. In the chat, guests can communicate in real time with the hotel's staff*. The live chat is complemented by the use of our AI-assisted chatbot, which can automatically answer recurring questions and navigate directly to the right places in CODE2ORDER's guest app, for example, to order an extra pillow, make the next booking or reserve a table at the restaurant, and much more. In this way, automation and self-service significantly reduce the workload of the reception desk. Guests get easy access to information and services without delay.

The solution is successfully in use in several hotels, including some properties of the Plaza Hotelgroup. Both hotel guests and hotel staff benefit - guests get the right information quickly and hotel staff are relieved of administrative tasks. The chat option in CODE2ORDER's digital companion is very well received and frequently used by guests, because chat is an intuitive, simple and fast way of communication. We are used to chatting. Why shouldn't it be possible in the hotel as well?

Video: DialogShift and Code2ORder in action

"We are very pleased about the partnership with Code2Order. The combination of our innovative solutions takes the digital guest journey to its logical conclusion. Hotels can build even stronger customer loyalty, automate communication and provide optimal contactless service during the hotel stay," says Olga Heuser, founder and CEO of DialogShift about the partnership with Code2Order.

About Code2Order:

CODE2ORDER is an internationally active software startup from Stuttgart, Germany, that supports hotels in making the entire hotel stay a digital experience for the guest and automating internal processes. With the digital solutions (digital check-in and check-out, digital registration form, digital guest folder, email marketing), hotels accompany guests along the entire guest journey.

All solutions are based on the latest Progressive Web App technology, which enables quick and easy access via any device and supports the Bring Your Own Device approach. Without an additional app. Without expensive tablets. Currently, over 1,900 branded, individual and chain hotels in over 26 countries rely on the progressive solution.

The company was founded in 2015 by Patrick Luik, Fabian Hieber and Alexander Haußmann and is based in Stuttgart. In 2018, the company was awarded the Intergastra Innovation Prize.