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Modular Chatbot Framework

The use cases for conversational AI have expanded widely. Conversations can not only be integrated in websites or Apps, but in Virtual Reality, products or even objects.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Create, deploy and integrate chatbots easily for any platform or channel with DialogShift’s chatbot framework.



Hospitality Solution

AI-powered digital concierge for hotels

Be close to your guests, answer to their needs within taps and offer uncompromising service that guests keep coming back for.

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About us

We strive to enhance dialogue with technology.

DialogShift is a Conversational AI platform that helps businesses to improve the communication with their customers, enhance the customer experience and ultimately grow revenue through customer retention and automation.

Messaging is an intuitive communication tool and has the ability to bring brands much closer to their customers, increasing the engagement through more frequent 1:1 touchpoints.

Combining our experience in enterprise IT management, communication and customer relationship management with our passion for intuitive technology that makes our lives easier led us to the launch of DialogShift.



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