• More than a chatbot

  • A digital concierge on your guests' smartphones

  • AI-powered messaging solution for hotels to engage with guests easily and efficiently

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How it works

  • Guests access the chat on their phone via a link or QR code - no download needed
  • Guests can ask questions, ask for recommendations, book hotel services or give feedback in the chat
  • Easy transfer to live chat with hotel staff
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Automated FAQs 24/7

AI handles routine questions freeing up front desk staff to provide the human touch for service issues and questions that require it.


Engage with your guests through their preferred messaging channels - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web Chat.

Live Chat & Unified Inbox

Easy transfer to live chat with hotel staff and all communication in one unified inbox.

Service Bookings & Reservations

Profitably promote your hotel and its services and let your guest book or make the reservation right away in the chat.


Get to know your guests through behavioral scoring and customer profiling allowing to deliver true personalized experiences.

Feedback & Guest Surveys

Easy way to collect feedback & surveys. Receive and share good reviews and prevent bad reviews before they are written.


2,48 billions

users of messaging apps worldwide by 2021


of hotel guests want to communicate and request hotel services via messaging


of hotel guests want to download a hotel app


internet-enabled devices owned per person

Optionally use DialogShift's chat frontends

PWA Chat App for mobile devices

ReactJS chat application optimized for customer onboarding via beacons and QR-codes. Use this as an addition to traditional channels such as FB messenger or WhatsApp.

Deeply integrated website chat

ReactJS chat widget already integrated with DialogShift's core framework. Flexible CSS customization (white-label) and middleware SDK to allow deep and bi-directional JS integration with your websites.

Elevate the guest experience

Meet the expectations of your guests and communicate witht them the way they are used to it

Higher revenue

Drive more revenue through frictionless service bookings and reservations.


Brand loyalty

Be approachable and build relationships through a familiar one-on-one touchpoint.


SaaS solution

Take advantage of our modular approach of deployed technology and functionalities.


Better reviews

Collect real-time feedback and increase satisfaction scores.

Communication for the digital traveller

Know your guests, answer to their needs within taps and allow them to enjoy their stay. Offer uncompromising service that guests keep coming back for.

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