Chat bots and live chat platform for hotels

Good communication is now more important than ever

Chatbot Funktionen speziell für dioe Bedürfnisse der Hotellerie

Features that seperate us from our competitors

  • We provide a customized chatbot, highlighting the signature features for each hotel
  • Chatbot based on a highly spezialized AI model for the hospitality industry
  • Optimized booking teaser based on Gooogle standard to redirect bookings into your own booking engine
  • Fully integrated in-app chat for the Code2Order guest app
  • Multi-Property capabilities for large hotel chains: Skill-based message routing, configurable message queues, assign chats to team members
  • Auto-translation of messages from 100+ languages
Lets us show you
Covid-19 Hotel Chatbot

Communikation for hotels during Covid-19

Good guest communication is more important than ever

  • Repetitive questions are answered by a virtual assistant
  • Avoid crowds at the front desk, F&B communication and organize arrivals and departures
  • Service orders & reservations in the chat

A communication platform specifically designed for hotels

trained models
Pre-Trained Models
Our bots are based on an extensive pre-trained AI model for the hospitality use case
Multi-Channel integrations
Our platform communicates with your guests on a variety of messenger channels
Offer products and services in the course of an automated dialogue
Supports a unified guest contact center across a multi-property use case
Inform guests about hotel services and allow them to directly book in the chat
Integrates with Mews and Apaleo. Other integrations on request
100+ languages
Supports a variety of languages and offers auto-translation
Location-Based Dialogues via QR-Codes
Trigger custom dialogues across your property using QR-codes
Enable a voice interface on your guests smartphones (upcoming)
Collect feedback to turn unhappy guests before they write reviews
Free up your employees

Free up your
valuable employees

Replace the bot in your employees and make time for the personal touch in service where it is needed

  • Let an intelligent chatbot immediately answer the most popular questions
  • Automatically collect feedback and allow service bookings through the chat
  • Reduce emails and phone calls
Lets us show you

DialogShift live chats on all your devices

In the office, at the front desk or on the go: Our unified inbox is always available

  • Unified Inbox: Website chat, hotel app and messaging plattformen (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp)
  • Device push notifications of new live chats
  • Answer guest chats while on the go with our iOS and Android apps
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